What is the silva method?

The Silva Method is one of the world’s premier mind development programs. It trains you to make better use of your mental processes so that you can increase your sense of personal well being and function more effectively in business and in life.

The method is based on five decades of scientific mind research and practical experience, resulting in a step by step proven formula for tapping into the potential of your mind.

The Silva Method techniques are used by more than 6 million people in 110 countries, and graduates of the program report relief from stress, greater concentration, better memory, enhanced creativity and better health.

The Silva Method is delivered as a 4 day intensive training and its split into two parts. Part I is the 2 day Silva Life System which focuses on general self improvement and Part II is the 2 day Silva Intuition System which takes you skills to the next level, by developing your inner sensing and intuition.

how it works?

The Silva Method teaches you how to consciously reach and sustain a specific state of mental functioning, called the alpha state, where brainwave frequency corresponds to 7-14 cycles per second.

This is a state you usually experience while meditating or in light sleep and is associated with both physical and mental relaxation. Reaching this state you begin to attain better control over your mind and you can start programming this for specific outcomes using advanced visualization and imagination techniques.

By reprogramming the mind, people can overcome limiting beliefs and negative habits, cultivate a positive mindset and achieve personal and business goals.