Silva life system

SILva life system

Course Overview
The Silva Life System is the first part of the basic lecture series and focuses on general self improvement and empowerment. It trains you how to reach a physical and mental state of relaxation known as the “Alpha State” through which you can start tapping onto the potentials of your mind. It consists of a number of practical techniques which you can start using from day one in order to accelerate success, facilitate well-being, and develop a positive mindset.

Course Objectives
The key objectives of the course are to:

• Learn to relax physically and mentally within a matter of minutes

• Cultivate a positive mental attitude and overcome limiting beliefs

• Tab into a confidence state so that you can function more efficiently
when delivering a presentation, attending a meeting or taking an exam

• Improve Sleep and Re-energize

• Learn to use dream in order to obtain insightful information

• Make better decision life
Improve memory and recall of information

• Set and achieve business and personal goals effectively

• Overcome negative habits

  • Long Relaxation
  • Mental House Cleaning
  • Sleep Control
  • Clock Technique
  • Awake Control
  • Dream Control
  • Hand Levitation
  • Glove Anesthesia
  • Headache Control
  • Glass of Water Technique
  • Mental Screen
  • Memory Pegs
  • Three Fingers Technique
  • Mirror of the Mind
  • Habit Control – Smoking & Weight
  • Seeds of purpose
  • Laboratory and Counsellors
  • Fantastic Voyage

The course is delivered in an interactive manner which combines live demonstrations, guided meditation exercises, case studies, and videos. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences and work in groups.

Course Materials
You will be provided with the SLS course manual which includes all the exercises that will be covered during the course.

No prerequisites or background reading is necessary for this course

Upon completion of the course you are provided with a certificate which enables you to proceed to Part II of the Silva Method program which is the Silva Intuition System. Further more you are also given a letter which states that you can repeat the Silva Life System free of tuition charge anytime in the future.