Enriching the Planet by Empowering the Individual

Did you ever imagine that the greatest discovery you will ever make is the amazing potential of your Mind?

It is scientifically proven that the human brain emits electrical waves measured in cycles per second (or Htz). Most people are used to function at beta levels which relate to a state of mental alertness and logical processing. Like for example having an intense conversation or solving a math* ematica’ problem. Alpha and Theta levels however relate to a state of physical and mental relaxation and allow you to tab into greater potentials of your mind. just like more electrical current flows through a wire when its resistance is reduced, the human brain functions more efficiently at slower brain frequencies like Alpha and Theta.

The majority of people experience Alpha and Theta levels unconsciously when asleep or daydreaming. The Silva Method however teaches you how to relax and function consciously at Alpha and Theta levels so that you begin to attain better control of your mind and gain access to a reservoir of knowledge and creativity.

Most importantly it provides you with a series of practical tools and techniques which you can apply to control stress and negative thoughts, easily remember lists, names and important dates, function with superior concentration, effectively achieve your goals, overcome negative habits, creatively solve problems and many more.


The Silva Method techniques are used by 6 million people in 110 countries and graduates include students, business people, doctors, writers, and athletes. The Silva Method is delivered as a 4 day intensive training and it’s split into two parts. Part I is the 2 day Silva Life System (SLS) which teaches you how to relax and master a range of personal empowerment exercises and Part Il is the 2 day Silva Intuition System (SIS) which takes you skills to the next level, by developing your inner sensing and intuition.

The Silva Method is simple, easy to learn, practical and can be taught to anyone. In less than 28 hours you can learn a new language; the language of the mind.

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