How the Silva Method was born

Over 5 decades ago, Jose Silva, a radio engineer and psychology student in Texas, made a shocking discovery.

The wires used in radios have a certain level of resistance. When this resistance is reduced, more electricity can flow through them. Which made him wonder: Could the same rule apply to the human brain?

Using hypnosis, mental programming and meditation techniques, Jose worked with his children to find the answer.
By inducing his children into the Theta level while they were conscious, they began to experience inexplicably dramatic boosts to their test scores at school, and found their learning, problem-solving abilities and creativity soaring to previously unreachable heights!

Not Long After This Discovery, Something More Remarkable Happened.

One day, Jose brought his daughter Isabel into the Theta level, and began asking her questions from a schoolbook as he always did to gauge her memory retention abilities. Her answers were as accurate as ever, and everything was normal, until suddenly, he dropped the book in shock because…Even before he had asked her the question, she gave him the exact answer!
Isabel, had in every sense of the word, read his mind!

As far as Jose could tell, he had just stumbled on the formula to activating high-level intuitive senses. He tested the formula on 30 more children, and sure enough, all of them demonstrated the same psychic ability as Isabel!

This is how The Silva Method was born, and to this day, over five decades later, over 6 million graduates in 110 countries have been using Intuition Enhancement Technology to experience total intuitive living.

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