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Success Stories
The Pain in my Knees Disappeared
July 1 2012
I want to thank you for the wonderful SLS + SIS course! Fantastic! Out of this world! Such a pleasure and privilege!
After the first day of the seminar the pain in my knees disappeared (I injured my knees a couple of weeks ago). I guess that kept me going for the following days.
I also found myself in deep silence, something that I really appreciate.
The class helped me consolidate certain things related to my personal spirituality that I hadn't been paying enough attention.
As about my purpose in life, such a complex and subtle thing put in a very simple and direct manner: to become an winged angel.
Heavenly nuts! That is definitely an acquired taste :)))
So many wonderful people! Such a vibration! The end brought tears to my eyes (I would've probably cried if there hadn't been any ladies around :)  
Making spirituality happen without really talking about it! Humbled and speechless ...
My deepest appreciation!
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