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Success Stories
My energy has been far higher than normal
June 29 2012
Just wanted to thank you for a really brilliant seminar. I enjoyed it immensely. I am doing very well and I have had a number of interesting results with the silva method. I have been practising different things to fix them in my mind.

My energy has been far higher than normal. I write; normally I write 1000 words roughly on a good day. On Tuesday I wrote 3500 words! It is very intense to create fiction, the concentration you need is very tiring so this is just incredible. I wasn't wiped out the next day either.

Another good result so far has been dream control. I rarely recall my dreams. This has been the case for years and years. Last night I told myself 'I will recall my dream, and if I have more than one all of them'

I didn't use the guide in the book, I just shut my eyes and told myself, I wasn't even particularly in alpha. I wasn't expecting a result as I was very tired.

In the middle of the night I woke up having just come out of a dream. So I mentally said, 'Thank you' and went straight back to sleep. Then I dreamt again and recalled it when I woke in the morning. Amazing! I wasn't even trying.
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